Couples and Family Therapy

I will teach you how to communicate so that you both feel heard and as a result feel closer.  Communication involves acceptance, personal responsibility and choosing words that express how you are feeling carefully.  Our words are a reflection of how feel inside and how we feel about others.  It also involves listening and really hearing each other.  So often in relationships we don’t feel understood or cared about, this is usually a result of each person being so hurt they are unable to care or hear their partner.  In couples therapy I use a combination of communication theory and other interventions to teach you how to communicate and hear each other, which results in having more closeness and a better relationship.


Individual Therapy

How we are with others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Either concurrent with couples therapy or in lieu of, individual therapy is very effective at processing through unfinished business from the past, and getting to know yourself better.  When we know ourselves better, we can communicate more effectively.  Individual therapy allows a person to explore their inner world and make better sense of it.  They will learn self acceptance vs. self judgment, self support vs. self doubt, understanding vs. confusion, communication vs. conflict.  When we feel better inside, consequently, our outside world is better.  Some people have compared it to removing a dark cloud and finally enjoying blue skies.


Anxiety and Depression

Many times anxiety/depression and relationship problems go hand in hand.  Each exacerbating the other, and can even feed on each other.  Unfortunately, we think we are the only ones that are trying to cope with these issues.  Yet, most people struggle at some time in their life with relationship problems, depression and/or anxiety.  Therapy can facilitate the change you are looking for by treating your depression and anxiety, resulting in a more peaceful and content life.  I specialize in treating anxiety and depression, with a combination of existential therapy, cognitive behavioral techniques and communication theory.  I have been through it and come out the other side, and we can work together to get you out the other side as well.


Meditation Training

Multiple studies have proven that Meditation can profoundly treat depression and anxiety, health issues as well as overall well being. Meditation training teaches an individual how to discipline and train their brain. For most of us, our brains are like wild animals roaming the jungle. In fact, it probably never occurred to you that you can and may find positive results in your life by training your mind. I know it did not occur to me until I experienced it for myself. Our thoughts can and do dictate our feelings and behaviors. Meditation, is really about getting to know your mind, and then learning how to keep the constant thoughts as background or white noise and ultimately quieting the mind altogether. This allows one to use the mind in a more focused effective way for problem solving in the moment, rather than obsessing on the past or worrying about the future. This disciplined mind also is much more present in our relationships. A disciplined mind usually results in better behavior choices, and thus more peaceful relationships, better health, and an overall more peaceful state of being.