"Thanks to Michelle’s insight I’ve begun the process of positive change in my life. Over the past 30 years I had spent a small fortune on self-help books and seminars and I thought I knew it all.  When I wasn’t making progress with communication problems in my marriage, I decided to seek help.  Michelle was able to deliver the truth to me in a very caring, loving way.  The truth meant that I had to examine my own unresolved issues.  These issues were “coloring” my relationships with just about everyone important in my life.  I owe her a debt of gratitude for putting me on the path to true personal fulfillment.”
“Michelle listens with an open heart and a sharp mind.  Her demeanor instantly put me at ease and working with her was more rewarding than I had imagined therapy to be.  Her presence, repertoire, experience, and sweet, calming nature made her office a place of safety and growth for me.  For anyone considering therapy, especially couples, you would be lucky to work with a person as genuine and skilled as Michelle Fryback."
“Michelle and I have not only worked at the same agency but are now both in private practice. I regularly refer my student's (at CSU) and friends to Michelle. All report that their experience with Michelle has been positive and beneficial and are very pleased. Michelle continues to be at the top of my list of therapist referrals. On a personal note, Michelle has been very helpful mentoring me through graduate school, my internship and now my private practice.”
“Michelle is a extraordinarily unique human being and Psychotherapist. I say this not to be dramatic, rather, her organic blend of intuition and analytical insight create a healing and empowering experience of personal growth and significant progress in her work with her patients. She is not afraid to 'get in there and roll up her sleeves' whether she is working with an Individual, a Couple, or even one of her Group Therapy Sessions. Her focus, concentration and commitment to excellence permeates the room. I was her Supervisor originally, some years ago. Now I am so pleased to be her colleague. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be in treatment with Michelle will know for themselves the efficacy of her craft.”
“I'm delighted to support Michelle. She and I worked together closely on a variety of issues that demonstrated to me that she is a resilient and insightful practitioner. We have discussed a number of complicated cases and I have been consistently impressed with her approach and sensitivity. I refer clients to her and recommend her highly.” Michael Shiffman, Executive Director, The Insight Center
"My physical experience evolved into an amazing journey of self-discovery, due to Michelle's  healing approach.  I reconnected with who I am, and what I really want, to lead a fulfilling and abundant life.  Therapy rocks!"